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Steve Muehler's Plan to Permanently Remove "Middle Seats" from all Commercial Passenger Airplanes

It is the dreaded seat that no one wants, and that everyone who does not get it, hopes that someone else does not come and sit in it next to them! Now, with the unfortunate Pandemic terrorizing the World, now is the perfect time to do something about it.

Under my Administration, my policy on the dreaded middle seat on all commercial airlines operating flights in the United States, originating in the United States and traveling to a foreign land, or originating in a foreign land and landing in the United States, will be very clear:

First, No "non-family members" will be sat in seats in direct contact with each other. So, if you you are flying solo, and there are three seats in your isle, you MUST have either the Window or Isle Seat.

Second, if a single parent is traveling with a single child, that parent and child may occupy an isle seat or the window seat, with the child in the middle seat. In this scenario, the extra seat could only be occupied by an additional family member, not an unknown passenger on the flight.

Third, to further this, all flight crews will have the authority to require any person who is coughing "in excess" to wear a facial mask.

Finally, all flight crews: (1) at the time of boarding the aircraft, (2) at the time of food and beverage distribution, and (3) at the arrival gate, MUST have free hand sanitizer available to all passengers who request it (can be in the form of a dispenser controlled by the flight crew that simply splashes a small amount of sanitizer into the passenger's hand).

This is a very simple common sense guideline that really requires little to no "special scenarios".

On airplanes, it's hard enough to keep from bumping knees with the person in the next seat — let alone follow the Centers for Disease Control's guidelines for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, which are to stay at least six feet away from others. Covid-19 aside, there are still no vaccines for other viruses such as SARS, MARS and others, and there is no reason to even chance the spread of any currently known diseases, or any new diseases (or flare ups of any known diseases) in the future. This small step will only go to serve us in the future with any new spreads.

Given the overload of statistical data about the spread of viruses in today's news cycle, I will spare everyone further information overload about transmission statistics associated with Commercial Airlines, and close with the "Under my administration, within the very first year of taking office, we will work to pass legislation that will require airlines within a 24 to 36 month period to modify all aircraft to comply with this measure, and to immediately cease all sales of current middle seats (if not already being done)."

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