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Steve Muehler's Plan to Institute a "Sugar Tax"

In a new study, researchers conclude that a 20 percent price increase for high-sugar snacks could lead to a 2 percent decrease in obesity in a year.

At least one expert says that forecast might be too high, but similar “sugar taxes” in Mexico and Hungary have resulted in people buying fewer unhealthy snacks.

Experts note that manufacturers are allowed to “reformulate” their products to avoid the taxes.

As more countries and cities consider taxes on sugary beverages, under my Administration, we will look beyond drinks and candy.

In the United States, people consume 44 GALLONS of soda per person each year on average, and 57 POUNDS OF SUGAR per year!!

In the study, researchers conclude that a 20 percent price increase on high-sugar snacks could lead to a 2 percent decrease in obesity in a year.

Sugar Sales for consumption in the United States is 10.4 BILLION USD per year, and under my administration, we would impose a 20% Federal Sugar Tax on all food items with "excessive sugars", resulting in more than $2 Billion USD in new Federal Tax Revenues and improved eating habits.

What we can say for sure so far is that high-sugar taxes are changing what snacks people buy in Mexico and Hungary — and what manufacturers put into snacks.

Mexico’s tax on “nonessential energy-dense foods” caused people to buy 7 percent less junk food in the second year after the tax went into effect. Households that had previously purchased the most junk food saw the biggest declines.

In Hungary, a study found many people were either eating less of the taxed product or buying healthier products instead.

In both countries, manufacturers can “reformulate” their products to get below the high-sugar thresholds and avoid taxes, something that my Administration would include in our Sugar Tax.

Under my Administration, we would in the First Year impose our Federal Sugar Tax Nationwide with an aim of increasing Federal Tax Revenue and improving the Health of American Citizens.

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