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Steve Muehler's Plan to Increase the Compensation of the President of the United States

In the United States, we vote for our President, our Commander and Chief, every four years. And with rare exception (not naming my favorites), I find myself saying "this is it? This is all we have to choose from? You are saying there is NO ONE ELSE more qualified than these two?"

This has never been more apparent than here in 2020. You are saying, in a country with Bezos, Cuban, Buffet, Zuckerberg (and many, many more)........ there is no one more qualified to be the President of the United States than Trump or Biden?...... REALLY!

I am by my personal nature a "Fiscal Conservative and a Social Liberal", and I belive that is the actual majority of citizens of the United States, and I believe there is a balance that can be made for this group (not just Republican or Democrat).

So, other than the Press ripping our candidates life histories apart to push their own political agendas (I will address this in a later post), I wanted to address the issue of compensation of the President of the most powerful country on Earth.

The King of Saudi Arabia gets about $9 Billion USD per year, the King of Tonga about $2M USD, Thailand $84M USD, Sweeden $15M USD, Spain $769M USD, Qatar $36M USD, Oman $7M USD, Netherlands $6M USD, Moroco $480M USD, Monaco $52M USD, Luxemborg $12M USD, Kuwait $165M USD, Japan $3M USD, Iraq $809M USD, Cameroon $600M USD,

My plan to get the best candidates for the Office of the President of the United States, the biggest corporation on Planet Earth, would be to compensate the president based off a base Salary of $1M USD per annum, plus a bonus of 0.50% of annual GDP Growth.

So, if I was President in 2021, and the GDP of the United States was $20T USD, and at the end of 2021 the GDP of the United States was $21T USD, I (as President) would get a bonus of $5M USD.

Now, if the GDP dropped to $19T, I would not receive a pay bonus.

I believe this pay structure would encourage America's Titans of Industry to not only run for the President of the United States, but also encourage them to grow America's Economy, which in turn would grow jobs in the United States, and lead to a better quality of financial security for the Residents of this Great Land. Under my Administration, we would explore the opinions of the House and the Senate, and introduce legislation to more adequately compensate the President of the most powerful country on Earth.

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