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Steve Muehler's Common Sense Plan for Immigration Reform

Under my Administration, and being close to 80 posts at this point (and I am starting to wind this blog thread down to end in November of 2020), you would have to be following along at my progressions to really understand this point. My plan through all of these blog posts have been ultra aggressive with mergers with Canada and Mexico, and the creation of the new States of Puerto Rico and even Guam. Because our Southern Border is now a very manageable size (formerly Mexico's Southern Border), and all citizens of Mexico and Canada are now Citizens of the same Country, Immigration Reform is not as complex as it was when we had vast boarders with the Country's of Mexico and Canada.

In an earlier post, I discussed growing the EB-5 Investor Visa Program, and that would be part of my Immigration Reform Legislation.

The United States was built by immigrants, not be "Illegals", and all people should have a "known pathway to Citizenship in America", and that pathway should be for all people born in a land that is not the United States.

The process should be simple and simplistic to understand, it should not require a lawyer or a professional that may charge large sums of money to apply for.

Step One: Online Application and Background Check. Applicants should be free of any "worrisome criminal history" (violent felony equivalents), if over the age of 24 years old have a clean credit history (not a requirement for people under the age of 24), and show a very basic understanding of English or Spanish.

Step Two (24-Month Trial Visa Issuance): 30-Days before entering the United States, Approved Applicant must submit documentation reflecting their plan to start the pathway to citizenship, including copies of leases or lodging agreements, plan for employment and income, proof of schooling registrations (if applicable), and agree to a quarterly check-in with a Trial Visa Monitor (much like a social worker). During this period - trial 24-month Visa Holders, are exempt from Social Guaranteed Income (see my earlier posts) and many Federal Income Support Programs.

Step Three - Five Year Green Card: After successfully completing the 24-Month Trial Visa Program, showed responsibility in achieving employment (if self-employed, evidence of income through bank statements and/or tax returns) and/or continued schooling without any breaks in education (unless explained), and having been a law obeying citizen (no felonies, no high misdemeanors), the 24-month Visa will be replaced with a Five-Year Green Card. During this period, the Applicant will be entitled to full Government Benefits, including my proposed Social Guaranteed Income (for as long as the applicant remains in the United States no less than 300 Calendar Days per year).

NOTE: for those applicants who chose serving in the United States Military, full citizenship will be issued upon the completion of two full years of honorable service.

Step Four - Individual Citizenship

These are very, very broad strokes, and many legislators will add a lot of colorful language, but this should be the general premise of the idea. There will need to be steps required to verify the identity of the applicant, to ensure the person entering the country is the same person that is the applicant. There will need to be rules on deportations, waiting times for those not completing Steps 2 and and Steps 3, but this simple one pager should be something that all people agree to.

Under my Administration, we would start the process of comprehensive immigration reform that ensures all current "undocumented residents" in the United States have a clear path to Citizenship. If you are hardworking, law abiding, and a good neighbor, you should have the right to apply for a process to live in America without the fear of arrest or deportation due to lack of a piece of paper.

Under my Administration, we would create a clear pathway to Citizenship for people currently residing in the United States, and for those not currently residing the United States and wanting the opportunity to come to the United States and be a productive member of our Country / Society.


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