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Steve Muehler (if I was Governor of California) - Plan 14 – CA Guard to Provide Free College Tuition

California’s GDP last year was $3.2 Trillion USD, representing 14.6% of the total U.S. economy. Under my plans 1-13, things will only grow at a much more rapid rate. Today, if California was a country, its economy would rank it FIFTH behind the countries of the United States (first), China (second), Japan (third) and Germany (fourth).

To support the growth of an economy which may be on a path to becoming the FOURTH largest economy in the world, education, and security (protection from domestic and foreign disturbances) will be important. It would be my plan to expand the CALIFORNIA NATIONAL GUARD, the CALIFORNIA STATE GUARD, and the CALIFORNIA NAVAL MILITIA to include a benefit in exchange for not less than FOUR YEARS OF CONTRACTUAL SERVICE that the Member would receive as part of their benefits FREE COLLEGE / UNIVERSITY EDUCATION AT ANY COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Whether the College or University is public or private, the State of California would pay 100% of the tuition for the Member pursuant to the terms and conditions stated below.

Under this program, for Students who have already completed a college degree from any University in the United State of America, the State of California will pay the balance of the Guard Member’s tuition in exchange for FOUR YEARS of Service in the California National Guard, the California State Guard, or the California Naval Militia.

For Students who have not yet attend a college or university (or who are currently attending a college or university), the State of California will pay 100% of the Member’s tuition at a public or private college / university in the State of California while the member is serving in the California National Guard, the California State Guard, or the Naval Militia per the terms and conditions stated below.

Under this program, the majority of members are required to attend one weekend per month and two weeks per year for training. I will forbid employers for requiring employees to utilize vacation time for these training dates. I will PERSONALLY encourage all business operating in the Great State of California to recognize our proud service men and women with extra “front of the line” and “member discounts” for all our Active Duty and California Guard Members.

This will be an amazing opportunity for our California Guard Members:

· Guaranteed Monthly Income while you serve.

· Free College Tuition while you serve, or your College Tuition fully Paid off if you serve after graduation.

· Learn a Trade in your first year of service that will help you get a job while you serve and are attending school.

· Free Medical & Dental care while you serve.

· Many more benefits.

· GI Bill, VA Loans, Member Discounts, Insurance, the list just goes on…….

To qualify, new/returning students must:

  • Be an active member of the California National Guard, the California State Guard, or the Naval Militia;

  • Agree to remain an active member throughout the participation period in the program;

  • Agree to serve FOUR years in the California National Guard, the California State Guard, or the California Naval Militia;

  • Agree to use the award to obtain a certificate, degree, or diploma that you currently do not possess;

  • Agree to only obtain one degree (baccalaureate, graduate, or doctoral) while participating in the Program;

  • Agree to complete course of study within 10 years of initial acceptance into the Program;

  • Agree to maintain enrollment of a minimum of three (3) academic units per semester, or the equivalent;

  • Agree to maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA); and

The Score so far on State Budget:

  • Plan One: Eliminate California State Income Tax

  • Resulted in $100 Billion Deficit

  • Plan Two: Decriminalize Prostitution in California

  • Resulted in $15 Billion in State Revenues

  • Still have a $85 Billion Deficit, but we have no State Income Taxes and we have Decriminalized Prostitution in California.

  • Plan Three: California Mortgage Tax

  • Resulted in $6.75 Billion in State Revenues

  • Still have a $78.25 Budget Deficit.

  • Plan Four: California Real Estate Transfer Tax

  • Resulted in $30 Billion in State Revenues

  • Still have a $48 Billion Budget Deficit.

  • Plan Five: Ending the California Homelessness Epidemic

  • Resulted in increased state spending, followed by State Budget Savings over many years. Total costs, I could not even come up with a guess, but would try to work within the current budget by utilizing current state land owned, governmental facilities, and current government programs. I am calling it “Even Steven”

  • Still have a $48 Billion Budget Deficit – but we have a No Income Tax State, Prostitution is Legal, the Wealthy are Paying their Fair Share, and the streets are less cluttered with homeless.

  • Plan Six: Ending the State Corporate Income Tax.

  • Resulted in a loss of approximately Eleven Billion USD in Annualized Tax Revenues.

  • $59 Billion USD Deficit

  • Plan Seven: Increasing the Gasoline Tax.

  • Resulting in an additional $10 Billion USD in Tax Revenues.

  • Back to a $49 Billion USD Tax Deficit. But, no State Income Taxes, no State Corporate Taxes, Homelessness is under control and we have legal Prostitution.

  • Plan Eight: California Transient Lodging Tax

  • Resulting in $337,625,000 in Tax Revenues

  • Still have a $48.7 Billion USD Tax Deficit.

  • Plan Nine: California Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms & Peyote

  • Resulting in $1.7B in new Tax Revenues

  • Still have a $46 Billion USD Tax Deficit.

  • Plan Ten: California Residential Lease Tax

  • Resulting in $8 Billion USD in Tax Revenues

  • We will have $38 Billion USD Tax Deficit

  • Plan Eleven: California Commercial Real Estate Lease Tax

  • Resulting in $18 Billion USD in Tax Revenues

  • We will have narrowed the debt to $20 Billion USD

  • Plan Twelve: California Toll Road Explosion.

  • Resulting in an estimated NET (after expenses) $20 Billion USD in Tal Revenue

  • The “Toll Road” travel costs will be adjusted to ensure this Revenue Number, but there will be a “floor” and a “ceiling” for each road based on average income and affordability in that particular area.

  • Budget is Balanced

  • Plan Thirteen: Los Angeles is the new Las Vegas (legalized Gambling, Inglewood get the new “Strip”):

  • Resulting in approximately $4 Billion USD in Tax Revenues to the State of California

  • Resulting in a Budget Surplus of $4 Billion USD.

  • Plan Fourteen, expand the California National Guard, the California State Guard, and the California Naval Militia to include free college / university tuition for all of its members.

  • Resulting in no change to the California Budget, will be paid by existing sources.

  • Still a Budget Surplus of $4 Billion USD.

  • Still to come, the elimination of Healthy Food Sales Taxes, and an increase of taxes on sugary foods and unhealthy foods.

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