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Steve Muehler Commercial Insurance to begin offering “Litigation Cost Protection Insurance.”

Steve Muehler Commercial Insurance, a California Licensed Insurance Brokerage, has begun offering “Litigation Cost Protection Coverage” with many of its Commercial Insurance Policies.

According to Steve Muehler, “Litigation Cost Protection, or LCP as we refer to it, is a new and innovative commercial insurance product that is designed for plaintiff attorneys and their clients to protect them against the loss of cost disbursements in the event of a total loss at trial, known as a ‘zero-dollar recovery’, following a trial verdict. The LCP is available for State Court Cases, Federal Court Cases, is backed by a highly rated AM Best Insurance Carrier, and reimburses all cost disbursements, other than attorney’s fees, paid in the furtherance of litigation. Steve Muehler Commercial Insurance is proud to be one of a limited number of Commercial Insurance Brokerages in California Offering this new and innovative commercial insurance product.”

Steve Muehler – Commercial Insurance Brokerage is licensed by the California Department of Insurance (License Number 4093099). Additional information can be found at www.SteveMuehlerCommercialInsurance.com.

The Steve Muehler portfolio of companies (formerly the “Private Placement Markets”) is a growing global provider of Insurance, mortgage banking, commercial insurance, legal document preparation and Investment Banking products and services. Through its diverse portfolio of solutions, the Steve Muehler portfolio of companies enables Entrepreneurs and Business Managers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using advanced technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today's Global Alternative Investments Capital Markets. As the creator of the world's first set of Private Placement Markets, its technology powers more than 68 market segments and is growing it operations over the next 24-months to include 50 countries.

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