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California Department of Insurance Issues Steve Muehler Bail Bonds License

Effective June 29th, 2021 – the California Department of Insurance has issued Steve Muehler California Bail Bonds License Number 1N13033

In a statement issued by Steve Muehler this morning, “Yesterday the California Department of Insurance issued myself California Bail Bonds License Number 1N13033 for my Bail Bonds Operation in this Great State of California. My Firm’s Bail Bonds & Immigration Bonds business will intertwine with our existing Commercial Insurance and Private Practice Paralegal Operations, forming more of a complete circle of products and services in the bail industry, opening the door for a new generation of bail bondsman.”

Steve Muehler concluded, “with last year’s failure of Proposition 25, the liberal and conservative voters in California went to the polls and upheld cash bail in the State of California. Today there are still cries from supporters of the proposal to end cash bail in California, and also cries from those who upheld cash bail in California for bail reform, and due to those cries we have crafted what we believe will be a newer, and more professional bail bonds services firm. Unlike our competitors in this marketplace, we will not advertise on jail house walls, and you will not see or hear catchy slogans and funny advertisements making light of incarceration. Any individual out on a bond from this firm will be treated like a “client”, and not a criminal. We will provide state of art personal coordination services between that client and their attorney (public of private) and work with them through the end of their case. It is our mission to ensure that our clients do not get caught in the revolving door of the criminal judicial system.”

Steve Muehler Bail & Immigration Bonds plans to begin operations in California on Tuesday, July 6th, 2021. Additional information about Steve Muehler Bail & Immigration Bonds can be found at: www.SteveMuehlerBail.com

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