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Steve Muehler's Reform Plan for Titles II, VI, and VIII of the Higher Education Act

Updated: Apr 23

Title II of the Higher Education Act ("HEA") includes Teacher Quality Partnership Grants, which are designed to enable university faculty to work with highly qualified teachers in High Needs Schools to provide professional development and to strengthen the content knowledge of elementary and high school teachers.

Title II also includes a handful of other teacher-preparation-related grants. Such worthwhile local partnerships can take place more effectively and efficiently without Federal involvement. Teacher development programs should be funded at the District Level, not by Federal Taxpayers. Eliminating the programs that fall under Title II of the HEA provides an opportunity to reduce spending and limit federal intervention in higher education policy.

Title VI of the HEA authorizes 10 international-education programs, including area studies centers, which are designed to develop an understanding of “specific geographic regions of critical scholarly and policy importance.

Although it is critical for American National Security to have a network of individuals who have expertise in specific regions and languages, Under my Administration, we will pursue this goal by eliminating Title VI, repealing its authorization, and redirecting Title VI funding to the National Security Education Program (NSEP).

The NSEP funds studies in languages and regions critical to National Security and is administered by the Department of Defense. Title VIII authorizes more than two dozen additional programs. Under my Administration, in order to control higher education spending, Title VIII will be eliminated.

This proposal will save approximately $25 BILLION USD over 10 years. Data on the costs of Title VIII programs is only available for the three largest programs (totaling $24 million USD), which are included in this savings estimate. Actual savings from eliminating all Title VIII programs may be greater.

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