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Steve Muehler's Plan to Streamline the Labyrinth of Federal Education Programs

Updated: Apr 23

Under my Administration, we will work to streamline the existing labyrinth of Federal Education Programs. Federal Competitive Grant Programs authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) will be eliminated, starting with those that are duplicative and ineffective, and Federal Spending will be reduced to reflect remaining formula programs authorized under Title I of ESEA and the handful of other programs that do not fall under the competitive - project grant category. Remaining programs managed by the Department of Education, such as large Formula Grant Programs for K-12 education, will be reduced by approximately 10 percent.

Since the 1970's, inflation-adjusted per-pupil Federal Education spending has nearly tripled.

Spending increases reflect the number of Federal Education programs that have amassed over the decades. No Child Left Behind—just one Federal Education Law—authorizes dozens of competitive and Formula Grant Programs, many of which are redundant and ineffective.

The numerous Federal Education programs have not only failed to improve K-12 education nationally, but have levied a tremendous bureaucratic compliance burden on States and Local School Districts. In order to stop the Federal Education spending spree, and to ensure that State and Local School leaders’ focus is oriented toward meeting the needs of students and parents—not toward satisfying Federal Bureaucrats—program count and associated federal spending should be curtailed.

This proposal will save an estimated $3.7 BILLION USD annually.

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