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Steve Muehler's Plan to Eliminate the Presidential Election Campaign Fund

Updated: Apr 23

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund provides taxpayer money to parties and candidates. The money specifically goes to party conventions, matching funds for primary candidates, and grants for general election candidates. According to the Congressional Research Service, since 1976, $1.6 BILLION USD of taxpayer money has been spent under the Presidential Election Campaign Fund for these purposes. There are several arguments for eliminating this program.

First, candidates are increasingly opting out of the program. Strict spending limitations are placed on candidates as a condition of accepting the money. As campaigns have grown more expensive, the cost of these spending limits has outpaced the benefit of public money for most major candidates.

Second, the program has become increasingly unpopular among taxpayers. In 1980, 28.7 percent of taxpayers voluntarily selected the option on their federal tax returns to divert $3 from the general treasury to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. By 2012, only 6 percent of taxpayers decided to do so.

More importantly, as a matter of principle, taxpayer money should not be used to fund political candidates and political party convention activities.

Under my Administration, we will completely eliminate the Presidential Election Campaign Fund, which would save Americans approximately $10 MILLION USD PER ANNUM OVER EIGHT YEARS.

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