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Steve Muehler's Plan to Increase Funding into "Forest Management".

Updated: Apr 23

Protecting America’s federally-owned forests from the risks of catastrophic wildfire, insects and disease is a bipartisan issue. Under my Administration, I would urge Democrats and Republicans that it’s time to take action in the form of "Forest Management".

Megafires on our national forests are threatening homes, property and public health. Unhealthy forests are contributing to higher fire suppression costs, draining the U.S. Forest Service’s budget and forcing the agency to raid funds intended for non-fire programs.

Over 8 million acres have burned in 2017 (we expect a much larger number for 2018, as of the date of this posting, 51,000 plus fires have resulted in 8,273,000 acres burned), resulting in over $2.2 billion in fire suppression costs, making 2017 the most expensive year on record (at least until the 2018 fire season comes to an end).

Under my Administration, I will push Congress to restore our federal forests through science-based active forest management.Many Americans suffer from hazardous air quality as they are exposed to wildfire smoke.

The Centers for Disease Control finds that prolonged exposure to wildfire smoke and fine particulate matter pollution is linked to increased emergency department visits and hospital stays for breathing and heart problems.

Action is needed now to protect to our environment and economy, reduce wildfire suppression costs to taxpayers, and create more American jobs.According to the U.S. Forest Service:

  • 60-80 million acres of national forest are at a high, to very high, risk of catastrophic wildfire.

  • The Forest Service only treats between 1 and 2% of high risk acres.

  • Over 1.1 million acres of national forest are in need of reforestation.

The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management need legal and policy tools to increase the pace and scale of forest management activities on federal land. In addition to spiraling wildfire suppression costs, the agencies spend millions per year just to meet requirements under well-intentioned but counterproductive laws and regulations.In fact, the Forest Service spends more than $356 million annually just to conduct NEPA analysis and compliance requirements on forest management projects.

It typically takes 18 months to four years for federal agencies to develop and implement forest projects. Forest Service employees typically spend 40 percent of their time doing paperwork instead of managing forests. Agency “analysis paralysis” is made worse by obstructive litigation from fringe groups, even on projects developed by forest collaboratives that represent diverse interests.

Under my Administration, we will make sweeping reforms that will lead to "Effective Forest Management utilizing the best in Science, eliminate time consuming paperwork, and ultimately reduce the long-term costs of Federal Forest Management and Fire Suppression". The short-term increased costs to fund this program will result in long-term costs savings.

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