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Steve Muehler's Plan to Secure America's Schools

Updated: Apr 23

More than 215,000 Children in American Schools have experienced Gun Violence in Schools since Columbine. At least 141 children, educators and other people have been killed in assaults, and another 287 have been injured in this same period.

Now following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings and other related school shootings, there has been a hot debate over whether schools should hire armed security guards or not. Under my Administration, we will increase school security at ALL AMERICAN SCHOOLS (private, semi-private and public) to include (but not to be limited to):

  • Mandatory Armed Security (Lethal or Non-Lethal, depending on the needs of the community)

  • Trauma Bags that include the same life saving supplies as those used by First Responders

  • Controlled Entry

  • And State Approved Emergency / Disaster Response Plans

  • All Armed Security Guards will be required to:

  • Pass an FBI Criminal Background Check (initial at time of hiring and every six months)

  • Pass a comprehensive mental evaluation (initial at time of hiring and every six months)

  • Attend and Pass a training program as designed by the Federal Government and implemented by the Local Police Department.

All of this will be fully paid for by the monies received under my "Gun Control Plan" detailed in an earlier Blog Posting.

Top 10 Benefits of Armed School Security Guards:

Reduced incidences of violence

If Sandy Hook Elementary School had armed security guards on duty during the December 20, 2012 shootings, chances are, the shooting would be averted. Or the casualty figure would be much reduced – at least. The truth is that to disarm an armed individual, you will need another armed individual. So, armed security guards will help disarm and foil the plans of any criminal.

Reduced bullying and fighting

Aside watching out for criminals or serial killers who may find their way into schools, armed security guards will also help reduce bullying, fighting, and other forms of violence among schoolchildren. During such incidents, the guards will always be available to handle the situation – without wielding firearms, though.

Increased vigilance and observation of schoolchildren

Armed security guards can help observe schoolchildren keenly. This way, they can take note of the depressed ones or the overly aggressive ones. Most cases of school shootings involve children who, having been depressed for a long time, resorted to vent their anger on others by shooting at them. To prevent this, security guards can watch out for depressed children and report their case to the school authorities for necessary action.

More informed parents

Armed school security guards, after observing the activities of schoolchildren can provide helpful information to parents. For instance, they can report aggressive or depressed children to their parents so that the parents will take necessary action.

Instant help for distressed schoolchildren

Sometimes, accidents or falls occur within school premises can be prevented by the security guards. Many such incidents develop into serious health cases because nobody was around to offer instant help to the victim. With armed security guards in schools, schoolchildren will get timely help after falls and accidents and after sustaining injuries through other means.

Security boost (with assistance by teachers)

Armed school security guards will work with teachers to boost security in schools. Sometimes, teachers may be the first to notice a dangerous incident, but they would be too frightened or confused to take action or handle the situation. In such instances, teachers can call on the security guards who would then handle the situation.

Guidance for parents and strangers

Though this may not be the sole reason why they are hired, armed security guards can help show the way within the school premises to parents, guardians, or other strangers. This way, parents or guardians won’t have to loiter unnecessarily in and around the premises before finding their way or their wards.

Security checks on strangers and schoolchildren

As a security measure, armed security guards will check strangers before allowing them entrance into the school premises. This is to ensure that strangers are not carrying deadly weapons or having dangerous intents. Similarly, armed security guards will help check the bags of schoolchildren for any dangerous weapons such as guns, knives, and so on. Though this may sound weird, the increased rates of children handling their parents’ weapons have warranted it.

Help for schoolchildren

With armed school security guards around, students will have them to call on for help during distress situations. For instance, a schoolchild who has been bullied can report to the security guards. Also, if a schoolchild notices a dangerous weapon in another student’s bag, he or she can quickly alert the security guards. Sometimes, schoolchildren are the first to notice dangerous situations, even before their teachers. But having security guards for them to call on in such situations will help check many dangerous incidents.

Effective and professional handling of security devices

Professional security guards are well trained on how to operate, handle, and respond to security devices such as security alarms, security cameras, and so on. With them on duty, armed security guards will help manage the school’s security devices and make the most from them. Also, they will interpret these devices better and take the necessary actions to ensure safety and security.

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