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The Private Placement Markets portfolio of companies are managed by its Founding Member and Senior Managing Member, Mr. Steven J. Muehler.

Steve Muehler is a true pioneer in the Private and Public Capital Markets industry with more than twenty years of industry experience. Steve Muehler has extensive experience in structuring private and public securities offerings, and coordinating both public and private securities offerings through a syndicate network of FINRA Registered Broker Dealers and Qualified Institutional Buyers. His areas of experience and expertise are in Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Energy, Mining & Mineral Rights, Oil & Natural Gas, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals and New Technology for Growth Stage Companies.

Prior to his now twenty plus years in the Private and Public Capital Markets industry, Steve Muehler honorably served four years in the United States Marine Corps (1995 to 1999) before attending college in South Carolina and California.

After college, Steve Muehler held positions in the Finance Sales and Operations Departments of two community banks in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota. Mr. Muehler also worked for WCI Communities in Bonita Springs, Florida for approximately two year where he was a member of the Company’s Financial Resources Division, and then Allied Capital Corporation where he was head of residential lending operations for the Firm’s Minneapolis, Minnesota branches.

From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Muehler was the founder, creator and operator of the “ASMX” in Los Angeles, California, which was / is an Alternative Trading System (“ATS”).

It was through his time with the “ASMX” and other Alternative Trading Systems that Steve has worked on, worked for, and consulted over the last six years that has given him extensive relationships with many multinational finance and investment banking firm, primarily Family Offices, FINRA Broker Dealers and Qualified Institutional Buyers (“QIBs”).

In 2019, Steve Muehler with a group of Investors and Capital Markets Industry professionals began work on what is today the Private Placement Portfolio of Companies.


Mr. Steven J. Muehler is currently licensed by:

  • California Residential Mortgage Loan Broker: NMLS #835372 (approval pending)

  • California Dept of Insurance: Approval Pending


The whole portfolio of Private Placement Markets’ Companies each provide cutting edge, industry leading, and trend setting financial services industry products and services that were considered ‘radical’ at the time of inception, but are quickly becoming mainstream today, but we still do not think and/or act mainstream like most other financial institutions.

None of the Private Placement Markets portfolio of companies, nor Mr. Steve Muehler, are a Broker Dealer or a Financial Advisor. For products and/or services that require a FINRA Registered Broker Dealer or Financial Advisor, Mr. Steve Muehler on behalf of the Private Placement Markets Portfolio of Companies can make referrals and introductions to FINRA Registered Broker Dealers and/or Financial Advisors.

Steven J. Muehler

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